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Here’s looking at you, artists

Wimbledon Maverick Film Unit Logo

UAL graduate Warren Andrews co-founded Wimbledon Maverick Film Unit [YouTube: maverickfilmunit]

A documentary film about the commercialisation of art education has been created by a UAL graduate.

The Devil’s Work is a satirical piece which examines the language used to describe art, through using a blues music documentary format.

The idea came from Warren Andrews’ anxiety and disappointment over the commercialised and professionalised state of art education and the art world.

Part one of a documentary mini-series is now being shown at south London gallery Matthew’s Yard.

Andrews graduated from Wimbledon College of Art and Design in 2011 and has since co-founded the Wimbledon Maverick Film Unit, a film-making collective which embraces the work of aspiring artists by encouraging people to produce all aspects of their films themselves.


Speaking to Arts London News, he said: “Artists think too often that they’re wizards who can create these illusions that everyone believes in and we kind of question whether that’s true, and whether the powers we propose we have are ones we do.

“The problem we have is the myths and sense of magic that’s imbued around the way we talk about objects.” Wimbledon graduate, Warren Andrews

“We think everything and anything is art, but the problem we have is the myths and sense of magic that’s imbued around the way we talk about objects.”

According to Andrews, artists often use language which is difficult to understand, making it “difficult for people to engage with”.

This is something he said he and his co-workers try to push against.

Parts two and three of the documentary are being produced and will be shown online.

The Devils Work is being shown at Matthew’s Yard between 9am-8pm each day until February 20.


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