Published on February 26, 2013 | by Rianna-Raymond Williams


UAL student sets up youth workshops in east London

Jordan Williams holds workshops to help motivate young east Londoners [Photo: Jon Durr]

Art and media workshops have been set up by a UAL student to help motivate young people in east London.

BA Graphic Design student Jordan Williams, 21, runs film and photography classes for 11-18 year-olds at The Mix youth centre in Plaistow.

Williams wants to provide his community with the creative guidance he feels he did not have access to as he grew up.

He said to Arts London News: “I think the biggest misconception I had when I was younger was that the creative industry was too congested to make money. But now, I’ve managed to turn my creative know-how into earning power.”

Williams has worked with British DJ Tim WestwoodUrban Music Awards, National Reality TV Awards and on the film Brash Young Turks.

“The most important thing I’ve learnt on my undergrad course is the need for initiative,” he said.

“If there is one thing I want young people to take away from my workshops it is that the only difference between ‘the haves’ and ‘the have nots’ is ‘those who do’ and ‘those who do not’.

“My course has taught me that a creative isn’t defined by the tools he possesses or the skills he has, but by the ideas he has and how resourceful he can be to bring them into fruition.”


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