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Students discover home’s unwelcome past

Student Paulina Van Tassel peering around the front door of the former brothel

The sins of the past are visited on the new occupants of this student house
[Dilantha Dissanyake]

Students living in north London have discovered that their house was formerly a brothel, following repeated visits from male strangers.

London College of Communication (LCC) student Paulina Van Tassel, 23, and her three flatmates moved into the house in Seven Sisters last September.

Men started arriving at the house in the early hours of the morning, usually between 11pm and 3am.

Housemate Catherine Penn, 22, said that despite most of the callers being “extremely embarrassed” after being told it is not a brothel, one man made her feel threatened.

“When I said ‘no’, he looked at me and said ‘yes’ in a nasty, joking way. It went on for a long time,” she said.


She admits the situation has been frustrating. She said: “When people knock on the door early in the morning, around 4am, I sometimes tell them to fuck off.”

“When I said ‘no’, he looked at me and said ‘yes’ in a nasty, joking way.”

Penn has been in contact with the community police regarding the situation, but was told: “there is nothing they can do as people go away when we tell them to.”

The girls said that fewer men are now showing up at the house, compared to when they first moved in.

The area has had difficulties with prostitution in the past; in 2010, residents of Seven Sisters and Tottenham Green raised concerns about the problem and called for action.

Following this, an undercover investigation by local police resulted in the arrests of 24 men for curb crawling in the area’s red light district.



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