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Girls: The sassy new sitcom

The new TV series [imbd]

Sex. Growing up and standing on your own two feet. Man problems. Body problems.

But most definitely -the friendship test is what the new astonishing, mouth-opening- surprised faced, TV programme Girls delivers to the table.

Director, producer, writer and star, Lena Dunham, 26, has the western world shocked, crying with laughter and gasping for air when watching four young women living in New York City and how they handle life.

When described, Girls seems like just another sitcom for women. However, it gives you an insight to a girl’s life without all the gloss and glitter.

What is it?

A comedy show about four aspiring young women who live in Brooklyn, New York who wish to find themselves and experience life without “mummy and daddy”. It is said to remind viewers of a younger version of an un-glossed rework of Sex and the City with those familiar topics such as sex.

Dunham plays the main character, Hannah, who aspires to be a writer and aims to capture every detailed moment growing up for her future book. Life seems harder when her parents stop giving her an allowance making it difficult living on a unpaid intern job.

Also having a self-absorbed fuck buddy- Adam, who treats her badly shows that girls will do anything or look past anything to feel wanted. The four girls, Hanna, Marnie (Alison Williams), Jessa (Jemima Kirke) and Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) have been compared to the ladies of Sex and the city.

Living in Brooklyn gives Hannah and the girls a sense of belonging as it s clear from the first episode that they are surrounded with people like themselves – people who enjoy partying, sex and strive on ambition.

Even though it’s obvious that Hannah desires to make it as a writer- it seems she worries too much of what other people think about her, and constantly puts herself down. This comedy perform embarrassing situations with blunt sarcasm and rude comments that stick in your head and have your inner self shaking your head with disgust while smirking.

“I see myself as Marnie, the mother of the group who tries to make everyone do the right thing and am very ambitious.”- Rebecca Powell

Some students say Girls is actually so close to real life because they have certainly experienced some awkward situations themselves.

Student, Rebecca Powell, 21, said, “When I watched the first three episodes, I felt it related to my friends and I, because there’s always that friend who has a FWB (friends with benefits), hoping for him to become her boyfriend.

“I see myself as Marnie, the mother of the group who tries to make everyone do the right thing and am very ambitious. And I have dumped a boy for being to needy.”

The same way Shoshanna compares herself and Jessa to the ladies in Sex and the city, “…you’re definitely like a Carrie but some Samantha aspects and Charlottes’ hair, that’s like a good combination.”

Girls already has friends comparing themselves to characters in the new sassy show. Dunham makes uncomfortable situations appear on screen unglossed and as real as ever.

I guarantee after watching the first episode, you’ll become an addict, leaving your bottom hanging halfway off the chair –it’s that good. She has given us a show that most of us girls can relate to whether it is family or drugs- we’ve all been there.

Season two of Girls will air in January 2013.

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