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Wimbledon students don’t feel ‘part of UAL’

Student walking through wimbledon college corridor alone

Wibledon students often feel excluded from UAL [Giancarlo De Vita]

Wimbledon College of Art students feel excluded from the University of the Arts London (UAL), according to Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon’s (CCW) Student Union representative Fairooz Aniqa.

Aniqa, who is also the SU’s Culture and Diversity officer, names the college’s location and a lack of communication as the main problems.

Speaking to Arts London News, Aniqa said: “With Wimbledon being so far from the other colleges, which are more central, and from the Students Union’s base in Holborn, students often tell us they do not feel as if they are a part of UAL.

“This is because sharing facilities and attending events is difficult for them due to their location.


“Although we cannot change the college’s location, we can work to ensure that we communicate with Wimbledon and all of the colleges on a regular basis to ensure that no one feels excluded.

As a way of tackling this problem, Aniqa said the SU is now encouraging students from the three colleges she represents to talk and work with each other, so that they get a better feel of being a part of UAL’s community.

However, Aniqa said this would be difficult because of their distance from each other, but explained it was an continuing process.

She said: “We are also looking to meet more regularly with course reps from the three colleges to ensure that we are communicating with them on a regular basis.”

Aniqa stated the importance of helping each college within CCW’s three-college model to maintain their own individual identities, as they are each “very different” in regards to their students’ needs.


“With each college being so different and specialist, it is difficult to approach them as one college. We are now looking to give each college its own event, which they can get involved in and feel that it is theirs.

 “With each college being so different and specialist it is difficult to approach them as one college. We are now looking to give each college its own event, which they can get involved in and feel that it is theirs.” Fairooz Aniqa

“We are also hoping to recruit a college co-ordinator for CCW in the next year, if we are able to get the funding.

“We have been trialling the idea at London College of Communication and Central Saint Martins, and it is working well, so hopefully we can now look to have one in place on site at each college,” she said.

In regards to the main issues facing CCW as a whole, Aniqa said that students have said that many of the college’s courses are oversubscribed, which she said was an “ongoing problem that has not been resolved because the colleges have not expanded their resources”.

However, although the colleges are very small, Aniqua said the SU have been working hard to improve their resources and the facilities that they are able to access.

She also said they have worked to improve access and workshop hours, which has been noticed by students who have mentioned these improvements.


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