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Mac has perfect lazy summer vibes

Anybody who has heard Canadian multi-instrumentalist Mac Demarco speak in interviews will quickly testify that he is a very unique (and not to mention, pretty eccentric) individual. Jumpy, off-beat but with a down-to-earth attitude.

‘Salad Days’ is available in stores now [Mario Macedo]

Demarco’s third full-length album ‘Salad Days’ is an honest reflection of his quirky personality, never sticking to one genre- folk, soft rock, electronic, pop, indie, blues… just to name a few. The production on this album is also a much higher quality than his previous releases. It goes to show that his own brand of “slacker pop music” has the ability to catch on and grow in popularity.

Song’s like ‘Brother’ and ‘Go Easy’ flow with dreamy ease, the mixture of soft psychedelic guitar effects, understated vocals and repetitive choruses make for a  smooth, chilled listening experience. These songs belong in a Hoxton Cafe or a road-trip mixtape. The use of synthesizers in ‘Chamber of Reflection’ and ‘Jonny’s Odyssey’ give out a surreal quality, veering between shoegaze and 70’s trance- but still managing to sound modern, not simply copying what has been done before. Other songs like ‘Let My Baby Stay’ have a very slow, melancholy feel where Demarco’s delicate vocals shine through against a single guitar strumming in the background.

As a whole, ‘Salad Days’ is really promising album that’s blend of styles come together to create a diverse, intriguing overall sound. At times the mellowness can be slightly overpowering but it’s still worth a listen.

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