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The big move: what do we think?

University of Arts London is currently in talks regarding the possible integration of LCC and LCF facilities onto one shared site. ALN asked around and wanted to know what students thought about this and found that most wanted to stay at the current location and are reluctant to move away from central London.

The LCF students that were interviewed said they enjoyed having lectures in different campuses

As of right now, LCF is spread out over six different branches and the LCC building in Elephant and Castle is in need of a makeover. So far regarding the move, there are numerous rumours about when and where, but two main choices are on the table: a built-from-scratch building near Stratford, at Queen Elizabeth Park (Olympic site) and the former BBC facilities at White City, Wood Lane.

When asked why they are against the possible move, most LCC students thought that Elephant and Castle as it is nicely combines a quiet surrounding with the big city buzz and its central location. Another popular reason against the move was that UAL has just recently spend a lot of money remodeling parts of the LCC building, which would then ultimately have been a waste of money.

A LCC student says she doesn’t see “why we have to move”. The move would make LCC “lose itself” and the current building is “a great building – modernized, used for exhibition space and all the departments are involved”. Olivia, an Advertising student, believes that LCC has a responsibility towards Elephant and Castle, a place “in need for development” – “the uni makes something special with the area”. Similarly, Valerie, a LCF Fashion Photography student about to start a course at LCC, would prefer to stay in Elephant and Castle, arguing that “if they move it to Stratford it will lose all the groove that’s around”.

The Elephant and Castle infrastructures were built in the 1960s [Aylin Elci]

However, there are also some students who see the potential move as a possibility to modernize and upgrade the uni as a whole. Tahir, Advertising student, approves the option of moving to Queen Elizabeth Park: “I think it would be better, it is a very good location and this building really needs improvement”. While Paulina, Film and Television student, believes she will have more expenses in a monthly basis, Tahir thinks “it would only make a difference for people who are now living in the west.” According to the Advertising student, “it’s only far away now because people are thinking it’s far away from here”.  Thinking in a long term perspective “over half the students are moving out of their homes when they live in London, so they would move closer”. In Tahir’s opinion, LCC doesn’t look like an arts’ uni, “it doesn’t look like a modern college” and that is why changing would be very positive. The infrastructures are quite inferior when compared to other UAL colleges, “especially Central Saint Martins”, says Tahir.

The “move debate” raises questions of accommodation sites for students as well as transport options. Tomila, Photography Post Graduate student, says that moving to another location “will affect the lives” of all students who are currently accommodated nearby: “It will take more time to get to the uni, we will have to wake up too early” and that may effect students’ learning abilities during the first lesson of the morning.

The opinions are diverse, but most of the pupils seem to agree that Elephant and Castle is still the best option when compared to the other possible move sites. The general opinion is that renewal is needed, but the best choice is to stay in the original spot, where London College of Printing was inaugurated 50 years ago.

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