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Get your kit on: it’s time for Wednesday sports

With support from the college Pro Vice-Chancellors, from September 2014 the University will actively implement the policy of not timetabling classes on a Wednesday afternoon to enable students to take part in sports.

students against classes on wednesday afternoons

UAL students approve “no classes” policy on wednesday afternoons


Mark Crawley, Dean of Students, posted a response on the UAL website saying that: ‘The pressure on learning resources means that rescheduling may not be possible in every case, but students who are unable to attend classes scheduled for Wednesday afternoons will not be penalised for being absent. ‘

The Wednesday afternoon policy is common among most universities, who schedule time for societies and sports teams to practice and play so that they do not have to choose between being a member of a team or poor class attendance.

Captain of the men’s basketball team Oliver Cheeseman said: ‘I think it’s a shambles. Wednesday is an allocated sports day. We seem to be the only university that not only has electives but actual lectures, seminars and crits set on a Wednesday, making it difficult for students to do what they are entitled to do: compete in sports. UAL continually flouts this rule and it doesn’t’t give us a chance. Wednesday afternoons off should be mandatory’

Rosie Black, Activities and Volunteering officer at UAL explained why having Wednesday afternoons is so important and said: ‘A priority of mine this year has been to ensure that the existing policy on ‘Wednesday Afternoons Free’ is finally adhered to. Papers were approved at the University’s Learning, Teaching and Enhancement Committee and Senior Management stress they are on board. It’s time we saw change and active support for students who identify with extra-curricular activity being just as important as their curriculum.’

Black saw the students who came along being greeted politely by the members of the board but criticized the lack of support shown by senior members who instead of helping the students, alarmed the security who then blocked the entrance to their meeting room.

Black:  ‘Students want to be heard, not blocked out. And students want the opportunity to talk to people who have the ability to make change. Lets hope our brilliant banners and loud and happy crowd made a difference!!’


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