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The World According To Bob

The principal question here is whether you like cats or not, really. Whether you can’t help making an unmistakable “awww” sound every time you see a cat/kitten or anything that reminds you of these furry friends.

Cat named Bob

The book is about the adventures of a man and his street-wise cat Bob [Emma Creese]

Since the “dog people” already stopped reading, let’s get on with the plot. “The World According To Bob” is a sequel to the bestseller “A Street Cat Named Bob” and is about the further adventures a one man and his street-wise cat Bob. Not convinced yet? Well there’s a twist – the author, James Bowen, is a recovering heroin addict who used to live on the streets. So, basically, the whole book is a success story of one lucky busker who gave up heroin and found a best friend in a red cat called Bob.

Maybe it sounds a bit cheesy, but it is indeed a very simple, sometimes naïve and kind piece of writing. The author describes every tiny cute thing his beloved friend Bob does, sometimes talking about the challenges of life as a former drug addict and giving some “being out there on the streets” tips.

Basically, the three morals of this book can be summed up as: 1)Don’t do drugs, kids 2)Get a cat, they are adorable and 3)Next time you see a busker or a Big Issue magazine seller, don’t just pass him by.

Yes, it might not the first heart-melting human-animal friendship story, but can you ever get enough of these?

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