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Bring some colour to your life

One of this year’s most anticipated summer festivals has to be the Holi Festival of Colours. The festival took place for the first time last year and was a massive hit so this June the creators have added an extra day! Inspired by India’s Holi Festival, this year’s Holi Festival of Colours in London is due to be bigger, better and even more colourful. Here are a few pointers on how to have the best time.

Holi Festival

Holi Festival of Colours expected to be bigger and more colourful than last year’s

Wear as much white clothing as you can!  

If you’re going to go to the Festival of Colours it’s a necessity that you get as colourful as possible! Embrace the fact that you will probably leave saturated in a multitude of powder and looking like a dusty rainbow. Wearing white will accentuate this, showing off the extent of how much you’ve embraced the experience! If you roll up in a black dress it doesn’t have the same effect. So get your hands on a white shirt you don’t mind trashing in colours or get some cheap white clothes before the day.

Bring your sunnies or if you’re adventurous get some goggles: 

Throughout the festival a lot of powder is going to be flying all over the place. Up in the air, in amongst the crowd and probably in your face. So it’s wise to take some cheap sunglasses along with you, especially if your eyes are quite sensitive. This will avoid you from going through the day with squinty eyes! Better yet, get your hands on some goggles to be completely protected and stand out from the crowd.

Coloured powder is launched everywhere and the atmosphere is rainbow-like

Buy colours with your ticket or get them when you arrive: 

There’s an option to get five bags of powder included when you purchase your tickets online which is completely fine but it’s not the only means of spreading the colour! You can buy as much as you like when you get there. Be warned- don’t buy cheap bags online before the event! For health and safety reasons they won’t be allowed. The colours at the festival are perfectly safe, but the same cannot be said of powder from other sites.

Stop caring about being pretty and clean! 

No matter what you do, there’s no way you’ll come out of Holi Festival spotless. Half the fun is dousing yourself in colours, chucking powder over your mates and getting as messy as humanly possible. The powder gets on your hair and skin too (don’t worry it washes out) so it’s really not the place for trying to look like a complete fashionista. So don’t worry about how you look and just enjoy the festival for what it is!


Holi Festival Of Colours: 28-29th of June at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 


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