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‘A lot of our songs are written live, with us all jamming out’

Prepare to feel old because Foals released their first album nine years ago. A year before that, in 2004, drummer Jack Bevan was studying at the LCC. In an exclusive interview, he speaks about his year at LCC, his passion for photography and about the role of drummer in rock bands.

Jack Bevan

Ten years ago, Jack Bevan, Foals drummer, was a student at LCC [Facebook: Jack Bevan]

Aged 28, Jack Bevan is one of the UK’s best-known drummers. Something he never could have imagined when he first moved to London when he was 19. ”I had no idea what it was going to be like. That was the first time I ever went away from home. I only ever had been to London for like Christmas shopping, occasionally for exhibitions.”

Born in High Wycombe, Jack was raised in Thame, a “market town” near Oxford. A city where Jack’s only hobbies where skateboarding and drumming while his father worked for a security print firm and her mother at Oxford University.

For him, going to LCC was like moving to the “big city.” He remembers: “I lived just off Brick Lane. At the time it was probably one of the most exciting places I could have lived in. It was Fashion Week the first week!”

Jack knew he wanted to study photography, so he picked LCC to work on his shooting, preferring London instead of a smaller town or community.

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