Published on March 10, 2014 | by Jacob Hughes


Café review: The Park Café

Family is the first thing that strikes you when entering the establishment; children, dutiful parents and dogs running around outside in the park come in for some of the award winning food and drinks at incredible value.

The noise and bustle of a busy park cafe are cut with a sweet, intense, aromatic scent of spices and curry’s being prepared in the back; the staff smile and wave at almost every customer that comes through the doors.

The others might sing when some well-known regulars return.

The windowed modern building becomes a lot more familiar and homely once you step inside.

Neutral shades and local artists work adorn the walls and once you squeeze between the buggies the place becomes a true joy to just sit and relax in.

The beauty of the place is the location.

Situated right in the middle of Victoria park, the busy sounds of London almost completely fade away when you’re sat on a table outside where you can truly stretch your eyes.

For once, not hemmed in by buildings, the sight of a tree-lined horizon is refreshing and reinvigorating.

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