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Good things come in tall packages

Teral wearing high heeled boots, squashing her trainers with her foot.

Being tall helps spot people in clubs [Betoul Mahdey]

Teral Atilan – Lifestyle editor

So we’ve all heard girls say that they love wearing heels because it gives them the height they need, but what about girls like myself?

Way over the average height, I’m a good 5ft 9in- something which is quite scary for those short guys out there.

Yet on a night out I find myself even taller wearing 6in heels.

Being tall is not something that has ever bothered me, growing up I have always been one of the tallest girls in my class and social groups.

But it is something you grow accustomed too. Some of my closest friends are the shortest people I know. My best friend is a tiny 5ft 2in, but it feels normal to me.

I am used to going out and being one of the tallest people in the club, it is a great way to spot your friends if you have lost them. I have learnt to tell the difference between my friends by the tops of their heads, and it is an even better way to help spot the tall guys.

I always assume the guy I will marry will be a giant so I can wear my heels and still feel tiny. But we never know what the future holds.

There is one thing that really annoys me though. Whenever I wear heels, the first thing people say to me is “wow you’re tall” or “why are you wearing heels? You don’t need the height.”

Yes I understand that I’m tall but height is not the only reason to wear heels, ladies you know what I am talking about.

It is the confidence it gives you, the way it makes you feel, and the way your legs look. These are all factors to why I feel the need to don a pair of 6in shoes and rival the tallest guy in the club.

But this does not make me feel insecure, it makes me feel confident as they say show off your best asset, and mine, as weird as it may seem, is my height.

Although it might be more sensible for me to chuck on a pair of flats, I don’t think I ever could hype myself up to put on a pair of flats on a night out, it just wouldn’t feel right.


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