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Top London Recruitment Firm Admits Telling ‘White Lies’ on Client CVs

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A London recruitment consultant has confessed to doctoring young people’s CVs in order to land them a job.

Charlotte Hopewell exclusively told LCC news that her city recruitment firm isn’t always honest with employers.

She says this can involve lying about a candidate’s degree grade to changing the title of a degree to match what the employer wants. “For instance, changing a human resources management degree to a business management degree to better fit the experience or skills required by the role.”

This revelation surfaces on the same day the UK Commission for Employment and Skills say a sharp rise in shortage of skills is threatening the UK’s economic recovery.

The government figures released claim twice as many businesses can’t find recruits with the right qualifications.

Recent graduate Tom Smith from Wembley admits to “winging” elements of his CV and “tailoring certain aspects to the job specification knowing [he] wasn’t quite qualified for the role”. Tom warns of  impostor syndrome – something he’s experienced since starting his new job. This term describes the position new staff might find themselves in when they feel that they’re in a job they don’t really have the right skills to do. Hence, they are an ‘impostor’ in the role doing an ‘impression’ of someone that can do the job. Tom added, “the assessment centres I went to are 2-3 days long and certainly intensive – but you never know properly what someone can be like 6 months down the line.”

Charlotte admits what she is doing is “corrupt” and “probably isn’t helping” the current mismatch between job candidates’ skills and what employers are looking for. But she claims “its how we make money, so that’s that.”


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