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Published on March 2, 2014 | by Caroline Clastres


Gig review: The Twang


The twang perform on stage

The musicians have been practicing thoroughly on their new work and are ecstatic to finally share it.[Benjamin Bishop]

After almost two years of silence, The Twang take to the stage for three weeks to present their new album entitled NEONTWANG, set to be released on March 10, and to loudly announce their resounding comeback.

From their entrance on the stage of the Village Underground, one cannot fail to notice their unconcealed joy at returning to the spotlight and meeting their fans once again. Both vocalists are in high spirits as they joke and glance around trying to catch their fans’ eyes.

A perfect blend of indie, Britpop and proto-rap, the acolytes started their set playing old tunes, and a few riffs of guitar were enough to get the crowd singing along frantically.

The Twang’s melodies are ethereal, neat and definitely punchy, while the rousing beats electrify the fans – their liveliness is contagious.

Lead singer Phil Etheridge takes the microphone and introduces the next record and very quickly the new song Step Away resonates through the venue.


The Twang is a well-oiled machine; we can easily see that the musicians have been practicing thoroughly on their new work and are ecstatic to finally share it.

People of all ages jump around like young, energetic teens, reflecting a generation deeply rooted in the Britpop music and culture.

Mainly influenced by groups who brought British alternative rock into the mainstream such as Happy Mondays, Stone Roses and The Smiths, The Twang takes particular pride in making the crowd dance.

The method remains simple; choruses are easy to pick up and beats never fail to get you stomping your feet in time. The fact that there are two vocalists on stage truly gives substance to the overall performance.


On top of their obvious group chemistry, the excitable chaps sing in unison and show a sincere generosity towards their fans.

In between the songs, I find myself immersed in the good-natured atmosphere similar to that of a pub, with clinking pints and friendly banter oozing with a West Midlands accent. Old tunes resound again and Either Way appears to be the highlight of the show.

At the end of the song, the public remains so hyped-up that it keeps singing, to the delight of the musicians.

If the band seems happy to be back in contact with its audience, then the fans are beyond ecstatic – there are cheers and a visible authentic mutual love between these two groups.

The Twang are touring all the major cities in UK including: Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, Derby, Southampton, Bristol, and Newcastle.


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