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Book review: One Million Lovely Letters


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This book displays the strength of human spirit that we will never know we have until we are at our weakest point [Jodi Ann Bickley]

One Million Lovely Letters is the new book detailing Jodi Ann Bickley’s unbelievable story, and the effect she has had on thousands of people. It is astonishing how much has happened to her in her first 25 years of life, but more astonishing still is her strong will to carry on living through it all.

Bickley had her ups and downs growing up, but in 2011 she finally found a good place, working two jobs and performing poetry at events around the UK.

However, in that summer, Jodi contracted a rare, life-threatening brain infection from a tic bite that led to her having a stroke. At 23, she was bed bound and unable to walk or write. With her life changing so suddenly, it was a challenge to find happiness in the situation she found herself in. A year on, she was at breaking point with only two choices – give up, or do something special.

Thankfully Jodi chose the latter. She set up her own website, called One Million Lovely Letters, and invited anyone who was feeling low or going through a hard time to contact her so that she could would write them an uplifting letter. The response was astounding; bigger than she had ever imagined.


After hand-writing letters to thousands of people, she was happy to be discovered by a publisher who wanted to publish her story and examples of the inspiring letters she had sent out. Released at the end of February 2014, her book has a chance to uplift and inspire people just like her letters do.

One Million Lovely Letters takes you on the journey from Bickley’s childhood to adolescence, and there is something for everyone to relate to. She writes in a way that captivates your attention and leaves you wondering what’s going to happen next, and how she is going to ever get through her illness and the consequences of it. Her style is so personal and relatable, you start to comprehend this story could happen to anyone, even you.

This book displays the strength of human spirit that we will never know we have until we are at our weakest point – it almost acts like a counselling session you didn’t know you needed, really making you question what is ‘important’ and how you would handle a life like Bickley’s.

By the time you reach the final pages your perspective on life will be changed, your faith in acts of kindness will be restored, and hopefully you too will feel inspired to share love and feel a little less negative towards the world.

Available in all major bookstores and on Amazon now.

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