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Restaurant review: Vantra Vitao

The buffet table at Vantra Vitao

Vantra Vitao offers an array of healthy meals for all dietary needs, all in an attractively designed restaurant space [Bethe Dabbs]


There is obviously a desire for inexpensive, good tasting food – especially in London. So I decided to check out Vantra Vitao, a restaurant with a vegan buffet on Oxford Street.

Situated between Tottenham Court Road station and one of many tourist shops, the outside looks cosy and vibrant, and the buffet can be seen from the window; a veggie feast.

The interior oozes the ‘trendy’ and ‘vegan’ stereotypes; attractively carved planks of wood cover the chipped brick walls.

Carpets are nonchalantly laid over the benches, with the majority of the chairs made out of tree trunks.

The crowd is mixed; there are young parents with a toddler sipping on a superfood smoothie, and two women having a catch up over some herbal tea, with an array of colourful dishes in front of them.


There is a laid back atmosphere and there is a vast choice of food.

You can plate up as much food as you want for £1.80 per 100 grams, or choose something from the a la carte menu.

I chose the buffet, as I thought it would be the cheaper option; I was wrong. It is quite surprising how much food can weigh.

With a variety of salads and curries, I walked over to the till, where the friendly waitress weighs your plate (well, tray) and calculates the price. £12.89. This wasn’t what I was expecting, but in hindsight I did have well over my five-a-day.

Considering this was food from a buffet, the quality was really good.

Naturally, as with any buffet, you will not always enjoy everything.

The chickpea and vegetable curries were delicious, but the salads were pretty average.

They also do dairy-free desserts – my dream – but at a less student-friendly price of £6.

This place is worth going to if you’re not super hungry, but want a healthy meal with serene surroundings.

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