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Published on March 3, 2014 | by Holly Gilbert


Holly’s food porn: Hot and tasty chilli prawn pasta


ALN‘s Holly Gilbert shows us how to create this elegant and comforting Italian dish.

This is my go to recipe for impressing people. It is super easy, takes no more than ten minutes and can be easily adapted. Everyone loves a big bowl of pasta and with a little bit of love and Italian inspiration, even the most inept cook can create this stylish and sumptuous dinner.


Holly eating spaghetti

Holly’s chilli prawn pasta is an easy dish that will impress your friends. [Raghad Bezizi]

Olive oil
Chilli (fresh or dried)
Spring onions
Cherry tomatoes (halved)
White wine
Rocket (spinach or water cress works too)
Pasta (spaghetti or linguine work best)


1. Add a generous glug of olive oil to a pan and add two cloves of garlic (I normally add three as I am a total garlic fiend).

2. Once sizzling, add the chilli (one and a half fresh red chillis gives this dish a perfect amount of kick) and the spring onions.

3. Using a different pan, add boiling water and a big pinch of salt to start cooking your pasta. You can use any kind, but spaghetti or linguine work best.

4. Now that the garlic, spring onions and chillis have had time to cook and infuse in the oil with all of those lovely flavours, we can now begin to add the rest of the ingredients. Add the tomatoes into the pan.

5. Once sizzling, pour in a mini bottle of white wine and let it reduce down for about five minutes.

6. At this point if you have raw prawns add them now, if they are pre-cooked wait until the end.

7. Add the pasta into the pan and add the rocket on top. Fear not, they will reduce down to nothing!

6. Finally add the prawns, salt and pepper once warmed through. Serve while hot.

That is it, an impressive and easy to make dinner!

The three basic elements are garlic, chilli and spring onion, which make a great base to any pasta sauce, so if you wanted to replace the prawns with chicken, chorizo or different vegetables, you are guaranteed a tasty Italian-style dinner. Enjoy!


Video filmed and edited by Raghad Bezizi and hosted by Holly Gilbert.


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