Published on February 25, 2014 | by Raghad Bezizi and Holly Gilbert


Holly’s food porn: scrummy Guinness chocolate cake


ALN’s Holly Gilbert shares her two loves, Guinness and chocolate, baked into one delicious cake.

Let me be honest and brief – Guinness cake will change your life. I first encountered this chocolate stout revelation at a café in East London, served up by an equally delicious owner. In a haze of culinary prowess – something in my mind that is highly romanticised and slightly deluded – I sought the recipe for this cake and have never looked back to the humble and dry traditional chocolate cake, ever since my first sampling of the damp delights of the Guinness cake.


For the cake

Holly Gilbert in the kitchen

Holly says that Guinness cake changed her life, and recommends everyone try it. [Raghad Bezizi]

250ml Guinness
250 grams unsalted butter
75 grams cocoa powder
400 grams caster sugar
142 ml sour cream
2 large eggs
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
275 grams self-raising flour

For the icing

300 grams cream cheese
150 grams icing sugar
125 ml double cream


  1.  Preheat the oven to 180 degrees (gas mark 4)
  2.  Pour the Guinness into a pan and add the butter in cubes. When the butter has melted whisk in the sugar and cocoa powder – an actual whisk is preferable, but a fork works fine at whisking the mixture up a treat!
  3.  Beat together the eggs, sour cream and vanilla. Fair warning – this mixture will look disgusting. Do not despair at the sight; pour it into the beery chocolaty liquid and whisk in the flour.
  4.  Pour the mixture into a lined tin and bake for 45 minutes; if you are doing cupcakes they take 25. The mixture is pretty runny but don’t add extra flour, the runniness makes this cake moist and delicious.
  5.  For the icing beat together the cream cheese and icing sugar until smooth, add the double cream and whisk again to get a spreadable cream cheese frosting. Smother all over your cake to resemble the famous frothy pint and enjoy this scrummy alternative to a traditional – and average – chocolate cake!

Video filmed and edited by Raghad Bezizi and hosted by Holly Gilbert. Music: Swingin’  Jazz Blues by Nicolai Heidlas.


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