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Published on February 25, 2014 | by Sean McKee


Johnnie’s Kitchen: The perfect hangover cure


The deli counter and Johnnies Kitchen

Johnnie’s Kitchen offers a selection of fry up options making it the perfect place to cure your hangover. [Linwei Li]

This bright little spot on the otherwise drab stretch of road that is Coldharbour Lane, connecting Brixton to Camberwell, is full of surprises. Situated a 10 minute walk from the UAL Camberwell campus, this eatery is perfect for a cheap lunch.

Expecting nothing more than a little greasy spoon to load up on carbs after a heavy night out, this small restaurant had a relaxed environment where you could hang out for hours, with a 1950s American diner theme and stills from classic movies adorning the walls, including Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Shaft.

The prices were the most pleasant surprise. Chock full of traditional meals with a home-cooked quality, it’s great to pop in for a Sunday roast if you’re missing your mum’s cooking, and for just £5.90, your plate is loaded with all the trimmings to make sure you aren’t left wanting more.

The most expensive meal on the menu was a prime Sirloin steak for £8.50, coming with two sides making it really good value for such a luxurious choice. This is a really decent place for students to feed themselves properly on a budget.


If it’s more of a recovery meal you’re in need of, the fry-up selection is sure to help cure those hangovers. Most contain five items and include all the quintessential pieces needed for a perfect Sunday fry up, including hash browns, eggs and bacon.

If you’re feeling brave try some of the odder items on the menu, like their special blended ‘squeak’, or chopped liver. For under a fiver, you’ll be able to use your loose change from the night before to load up on grub.

The standout meal selected by my group of friends was an omelette. With a selection of great fillings on offer, the size of the meal was huge, including free chips and was perfectly made; light and fluffy and not sodden with grease like some of my own amateur attempts. This is again another meal under a fiver, well worth it.

Johnnie’s Kitchen is the perfect little greasy spoon – without the grease.


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