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Londoner trying to make waves in the golf scene

[Adam Hedges]

Often overlooked due to the expensive prices and lack of facilities in urban areas, golf is accused of being boring, posh and pointless. However if given the opportunity to play, a number of people would realise it is actually a game that requires huge technical skill along with a consistent mental toughness if you are to be successful.

Someone who knows all about what is required to make it as a professional golfer is London-born Adam Hedges, who turned professional in September 2013 and currently lives in North Carolina in the USA, after moving there to fulfil his dream of playing on the PGA tour.

Attending Belmont College in North Carolina, Hedges went on to become a five times winner at college and at one point became Number One in the scoring average in the National Rankings for Division 2.

He won his first event as a professional on the GPro Tour at Palisades in September 2013 with an incredible 29 strokes on his front 9 holes of the tournament showing everyone the skill he possesses.

Living in the leafy suburbs of Bromley his whole life until his move to America, Hedges played at his local golf club, Sundridge Park, regularly competing in junior competitions. As he grew into adolescence he soon realised this was the direction he wanted his life to take, showing fantastic ability, while also enjoying it immensely.

“My Grandfather introduced me to the game at about the age of nine or ten. He played all the time. By the time I was 12, golf was all I did sports-wise outside of school.

“I was told from a young age I had ‘talent’, although as I have come to realise, this will only take you so far. I knew I wanted to become a pro when I was about 15 years old.”

Having turned professional off of a +2 handicap, which for all you golf novices, meant that during his college golf days he had to add two shots onto his score after each round, just goes to show the ability that Adam possesses with a club in his hand. With outstanding distance in his shots, coupled with a fantastic short game that is ever-improving, Adam’s golf game has often been described by many who knew him at Sundridge Park as something special. However up and down the United Kingdom other golfers with a similar talent to Adam are a long way off making the grade in becoming a pro, helping display some of the small differences that sets Adam apart from the rest.

[Adam Hedges]

“I work on getting better all the time, every day is a chance to get better. I think it comes down to a lot of things that make you ‘great’ as a person or an athlete, and these things do not happen overnight. They take hard work, discipline, dedication, motivation, among other things. How I have come to realise it is if you continually find more little things to get better at, then you will slowly improve.

“One thing that has never changed is my work ethic, this has been there from the start, and it is very important. As I grow as a golfer, I learn things all the time that make me better, and I add each thing to the portfolio or repertoire you could say that makes me better.”

Hedges adds: “I moved here so I could have the opportunity to play and improve my golfing ability and skill, while at the same time, earn a degree. This wasn’t or isn’t as prevalent in England, whereas the American colleges offer very sport-orientated programmes, which was exactly what I was looking for. Another reason for my move was the climate, you have an advantage as a golfer if you can play all year round with a nicer climate and longer days.”

The move to the US certainly seems to be paying off. In only four months, Adam has already won his first event as a professional and he has also made six cheques, all of which are helping his game improve through better practice methods, helping him harness his skills into a tool that he is hoping will be strong enough to give him the success he eventually wants.

“My aims are to make it on to the PGA Tour, play around the world, playing the game I love. Once I have reached this goal, then I will consider my new goals going forward. I like to focus on the here and now, this way, you can concentrate more on what is directly in front of you, and give your full attention. Of course I want to win a major, but that is a long way away, and I have to do a lot of things to get to that point, so you start with the first thing on the list, you wouldn’t just try and do the whole thing in one go.”

Having accomplished a lot already in such a short career, it’s clear the steps Adam has taken in his journey are clearly paying off for him. But with his experiences growing up with a talent in golf, what advice would he give to youngsters hoping to follow in his footsteps and become professional golfers? Listening to the passion and genuine words of advice that he gives, it’s clear to see he wants to help others just as much as he wants to help himself.

“I love being a role model. I love helping kids. Even now I continuously give advice to my peers or youngsters coming up in the game whenever they need it.

“I would encourage them to work on their short game more than their long game, hit the ball as hard as you can when you are young, learn to be patient, get the ball in the hole as quick as possible, the list goes on, but they are the key components.”

With Adam about to start on the Egolf tour in the Carolinas, it will be interesting to see if he can continue his successful start as a professional golfer. Having seen the passion and confidence he has, along with his undoubted ability in striking a golf ball, Adam Hedges is a name that will hopefully become more familiar to sports fans all over the world in years to come.

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