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Obama’s second term should see change

Obama being congratulated by a room full of supporters

Many Americans are still waiting to see huge change in the running of their country [The White House]

Myriah Towner – Output Print Editor of Arts London News

After weeks of relentless campaigning for the United States presidential election, it all finally comes to an end with the victory of President Obama for a second term.

With President Obama set to stay in office, the future of America and the ongoing unsettled issues remain – making most Americans wonder what will come in the next four years.

On the mind of many citizens are when will more jobs be made available? How will Congress lower the $16 trillion debt? What will Medicare become in the course of President Obama’s last term? However, America cannot wait another four years to have these answers, as change has to take place now.

Frederick Douglass once said “Power concedes nothing without a demand” and with the afterglow of the last four years, Americans have to start demanding change.

The Greek word “ask” when translated means to make a demand upon something due, and perhaps it is time that Americans become more critical and hold their president more accountable by asking for the things that are long overdue.

For a country on the edge of another economic crisis, rising unemployment, and more partisan than ever, a new type of leadership must be implemented that will work collaboratively across parties to fix the current state of the US – and that will overcome the present and future obstacles.

President Obama has pledged to cut deficits by $4 trillion over the next decade during his second term, but America needs a solid plan that will reduce the future deficits allowing for the stabilization of debt, while boosting the economy and increasing job growth.

Clayton M. Christensen, a business professor at Harvard, in a recent article in the New York Times claims  that: “The major political parties are both wrong when it comes to taxing and distributing to the middle class the capital of the wealthiest one per cent.”

He continues by suggesting that if the I.R.S. (Internal Revenue Service) taxes their [the wealthiest] wealth away and distributes it to everyone else, it still will not help the economy.

The campaign called Fix the Debt, a bipartisan effort inspired by Democrat Erskine Bowles and Republican Alan Simpson, has launched as an effective framework to solve the economic crisis by introducing $3 in spending cuts for every $1 of tax increases.

To tackle America’s debt, creating a plan that is supported under a bipartisanship and structured in a way to be instrumental in sustaining long-term economic growth is key, while also establishing a successful debt reduction scheme.

At a time when America seems so divided, it needs President Obama to step up, and bring hope back to a country which has become discouraged over the rising, overwhelming issues it faces.

To move forward, America needs a leader – a leader who has a well-outlined plan that starts letting its citizens see change.

President Obama has another chance in his second term to allow Americans to witness that change.


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