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Lethal Drinking Game Hits London

The Stop Nek Nominate facebook page has attracted 60,000 likes.

A campaign is underway on social media to stop ‘Neknominate’, a drinking game that’s thought to have contributed to two deaths this weekend. 19-year-old Jonny Byrne was discovered in a river in South-East Ireland and Ross Cummins, 22, died in Dublin after downing spirits.

Players film themselves downing alcohol or toxic liquids and nominate others to do the same. Some have found creative ways of playing the game, the most impressive of

which make it to the Best Neknominations Facebook page.

Among the weirdest ideas were downing alcohol whilst riding a horse into Tescos, swimming in a tish tank or hanging half naked off a tractor.

This man completed his Neknominate challenge underwater.

The Stop Nek Nominate campaign has attracted over 60,000 likes on facebook. The man behind the page says that what started as a joke between friends downing a pint of beer has turned into a dangerous game. He told LCC he’s seen videos of teens downing bottles of vodka, raw eggs and washing up liquid: “it’s just gradually, gradually snowballed and escalated out of hand”.

“It’s just gradually, gradually snowballed and escalated out of hand” – Founder of Stop Nek Nominate.

Emily completed her challenge in a Notting Hill pub.

Whatever the social trends, a game where necking spirits and cleaning products is “fun” is continuing to spread in London.

Emily saw off her challenge yesterday with three shots of tequilla at 4.30 in the afternoon. She told me it was “just a bit of fun, a joke”, and said her challenge was easy compared to some. Luckily for her, because not everyone has lived to tell the tale. 

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