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Published on February 13, 2014 | by Ali Fortescue


London Estate Agents Hit By Wave Of Attacks

People have been vandalizing Estate Agent boards ‘Estate Agents: Everyone Hates You’ – that’s the message on defaced Foxtons and Hunters Estate Agent signs in Islington. I spoke to Hunters who told me they’ve called the police to deal with the continuing vandalism on their boards.

In Brixton too vandals are showing their discontent. Foxtons property firm’s windows have been covered in graffiti, paint and one creative man turned their signs into plant pots. In an anonymous statement he told website Brixton Buzz:

Those discarded signs have plenty of other uses too, beyond window boxes and the like….the posts make good firewood so I hear.…and other neighbours have been using them to build stuff in their gardens!

It’s great that locals are getting creative.

But Foxtons Estate Agent Lily didn’t seem to be taking the attack too seriously and without suppressing a laugh told me people should ‘carry on’ reusing the signs as it’s a ‘great way of recycling’.

Local people in Brixton blame the negative attitude on high prices and agent fees saying that they were trying to ‘gentrify’ the local community.

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