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Vauxhall Bus Station demolition may cost 25 million pounds

Vauxhall bus station could be knocked down to make space for a new High Street

A plan to demolish Vauxhall Bus Station to make space for a redeveloped town centre could cost 25 million pounds if it goes ahead. Lambeth Council and TfL want to build a new High Street and make the place more cyclist and pedestrian-friendly. But the residents association Vauxhall Society is campaigning against the refurbishment of the 10-year-old station.

A Lambeth council spokesman said “we know there is strong opinion in the local community, and we are clear that any new scheme has to work for buses”. Transport for London is testing two options to disperse the buses around the station.

The result of those tests are expected to be ready by the end of February. The council plans to make a public consultation in March.

David Reid uses the station often, and says “this is a place where so many buses come to, and there is so many people coming together. It’s gonna make it difficult if there’s not a central place”. But Christina Miller, who is also a regular commuter in Vauxhall bus station, agrees with the refurbishment. “I don’t like the bus station, actually. It’s drafty, cold, no shelter from the wind. I’ve never liked it, since it was opened. I prefer a regular bus stop”.

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One Response to Vauxhall Bus Station demolition may cost 25 million pounds

  1. Mark says:

    Vauxhall is a no-go area at the moment; in my opinion, the two main reasons are that it is not pedestrian/cycling friendly and the lack of a proper civic town centre.

    The traffic is Vauxhall Cross is absolutely awful, dominated by one of the worse and more dangerous gyratory systems in the capital; and to be honest, I don’t see how it can be improved without removing the bus station; which will also offer the opportunity to create a nice urban town centre.

    As a resident, I do use it and find the bus station very handy; however, I’m willing to sacrifice it for a pedestrian-friendly centre; and let’s be honest, the station is not the most attractive one I have seen; even the one in Crydon is nicer… enough said! get rid of it!!!

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