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Restaurant review: Duck & Waffle


The view isn’t the only thing that makes this place special – with an excellent array of top-class cocktails, it’s tempting to try them all. [Duck and Waffle]

There are few locations that could top Duck and Waffle, which sits atop the Heron Tower in Liverpool Street.

If you have a spare few pounds floating around, a financial Christmas bonus, or you are simply struggling to find a way to spend that January student loan, then why not treat yourself by splurging on some good food at this elaborate restaurant?

With waiting times of up to 15 days to get a table, it’s difficult to understand why anybody would book so far ahead for a restaurant whose front door is hidden at the foot of a building in the middle of London’s financial district.

But take the glass elevator ride to the summit, where you see the panoramic view of London in all its glory, and it’s easy to understand.

With floor to ceiling windows surrounding the restaurant, you feel like you’re on top of the world while enjoying the meal, with endless sights to spot as you eat.

Some of the most visible landmarks include Tower bridge, the Tower of London, The Shard and the BT Tower, but the sheer number of lights are enough to capture the wandering eye anyway.


Duck and Waffle is the perfect place to indulge on your luxury cheat day. [Duck and Waffle]

The view isn’t the only thing that makes this place special – with an excellent array of top-class cocktails, it would be very easy to spend all night here trying the delicious flavours they have on offer; odd flavoured vodkas like elderflower mixed ginger, paprika, blackberry and hibiscus to create unusual but refreshing drinks.

Prices for cocktails start at around £13, and while the glasses aren’t exactly huge, if indulging you might as well go the whole hog and try a few unique beverages.

The food is also very impressive. With a signature duck and waffle dish yours truly tried; a leg of fried duck, with a fried egg piled onto an authentic American waffle, and the option to top it with a portion of mustard maple syrup, according to your own taste. What better way to have breakfast for dinner?

Although everything was cooked to perfection, I did find myself wanting more by the end of the moderately-sized meal. Luckily, I ordered a side portion of rosemary potatoes, lovely and soft, but drizzled in a little too much butter.

For £18 the main dish was decent value if you’re treating yourself, with the special view making the experience well worth it.

All in all, this is definitely worth giving a try. Splurge with your student loans, use it on your luxury cheat day – or week – or impress your non-Londoner mates who come to visit you with this spectacular location.




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