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Published on February 17, 2014 | by Karma Symington


Restaurant review: Sushisamba


Outside area of 'Sushisamba' restaurant

Located on the 38th and 39th floors of the amazing Heron tower, ‘Sushisamba’ guarantees amazing views. [Mary Sommer]

Being a self-confessed Sex and the City addict, I was first introduced to a sushi restaurant through an episode of possibly one of the greatest television shows ever made.

OK, that may be a biased account, but I remember thinking I need to go to a place like this.

Back then, I was too young to completely understand the cosmopolitan feel and too young to experiment with the impressive cocktail list, but it left me eager nonetheless.

Fast forward a few years and I recently stepped inside London’s very own version of the restaurant, known as ‘Sushisamba’.

Located on the 38th and 39th floor of the amazing Heron tower, it is a place of gastronomic excellence and breathtaking views.

As I took the lift up to the 39th floor I felt my inner Carrie Bradshaw come to life.

Priding itself on serving an extensive array of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian dishes, it has the ability to please even the fussiest eater.

Being a Sushi lover and having visited some of London’s finest Japanese restaurants – including the world-famous Nobu, I was excited to try out the different dishes Sushisamba had to offer.

Five of us were quickly seated, which I was happy about as I had heard people could be waiting for up to an hour after their reservation time.

We ordered two bowls of edamame beans and then set about choosing what to eat. I opted for the samba rolls, which included a mixture of seafood and shellfish.

Non-lovers of seafood need not worry – there is an assortment of food to suit everyone including fillet steak, ribs and duck breast.


The service was fantastic, with the waiter constantly checking if we needed more drinks.

At around £12 a cocktail it can be expensive, but this added to the indulgent evening I had dreamed about for years.

My personal cocktail choice was a Kaffrinha, which is Sushisamba’s take on the classic Brazilian drink –fragrant Kaffir lime leaves infused in cachaça, churned with lime and sugar.

The decor is nothing short of beautiful and interesting; the walls are decorated with Brazilian graffiti, bold yet elegantly lit.

For smokers, the outside area makes the cold weather bearable, offering stunning views of the London landscape.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time, but admittedly for students it is a bit of a steep price.

However, once the exam and dissertation period is over, you should celebrate by embracing your inner Sex and the City and splurge on this worthwhile night.



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