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Romance in the East End

Beigel Bake bakery on Brick Lane

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a bagel from Brick Lane.

If you happen to wonder into Bethnal Green whilst on a hot, steamy date, you could stumble upon some romantic hotspots.

Stroll, possibly in the pouring rain, along Bethnal Green Road and you will find La Forchetta.

Take your loved one for some awkward conversation and carb-load on pizza or pasta under the red-hued lights (and they say romance is dead!) at this classic Italian restaurant –and all at prices that won’t bust a student’s budget.

Failing that, super saucy fast food outlets such as McDonalds, KFC, or even a Subway are available, if you don’t want to dream big.

Alcoholic nectar

Want to lubricate the evening with a chilled beverage? Public houses include The Star – which, I must add, offers a karaoke night where things can get quite intense – and The Old George.

Both offer plenty of rustic wood flooring, candles, and of course, that sweet alcoholic nectar needed to ease the pressure off of a first date.

After indulging in an intimate dinner and drink, your date may feel at a loose end.

Don’t fear! Venture further up this endless road and you will find yourself nearing the infamous Brick Lane.

Tired of small talk? Richmix Cinema is here to help. Take a seat in front of a new release, surrounded by other loved-up revellers, and perhaps by the end of the film you will be holding hands.

Chilled out tunes

Following those hours of tension in front of the silver screen, couples can relieve in some nearby bars down the lanes of Brick; The Big Chill and Vibe Bar offer chilled out tunes, or if you prefer a DJ to work the magic, head to Café 1001.

Now, we don’t want to make any presumptions, but fingers crossed your date night has been a lucky one.

So, before you end your night and continue on the next leg of your journey, be sure to sample Brick Lane’s Beigel Bake for  a tasty bagel.

At a cheap price, these doughy beauties are sure to sustain your activities deep into the night…


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