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Far right ‘Christian Patrol’ under investigation

The group filmed themselves ‘patrolling’ Brick Lane, an area with a large Asian community [Youtube:ArchantLondon]

Far right group Britain First faces an investigation by Scotland Yard after vigilante members, calling themselves ‘Christian Patrols,’ allegedly attempted to ‘draw out’ Muslims in East London by drinking beer and handing out anti-Islamic flyers outside one of Britain’s biggest mosques.

The 15-strong group, directed by former BNP councillor Paul Golding, filmed themselves first ‘patrolling’ in armoured former Gulf War jeeps on Brick Lane in Tower Hamlets, before getting out of the vehicles and approaching nearby Asian men, telling them: “This is our country. You want to live here, you adhere by our laws.”

LCF student Reiss Smith, who was on the street sampling bagels at the time of the incident, described the scene: “It was bizarre at first, to see armoured vehicles going down Brick Lane of all places. Then the guys were just shouting in the locals’ faces and trying to force leaflets into peoples hands. Most weren’t interested, to be honest.”

The group claim they are a response to ‘Muslim Patrols’ that operated in Tower Hamlets last year, which warned ‘uncovered’ women or those drinking alcohol that they were in a ‘Muslim area’ and they faced ‘hell fire.’

Last December three members — including 19-year-old Muslim convert Jordan Horner  — were imprisoned for harassing, threatening and assaulting members of the public whilst declaring they are enforcing Sharia law.


In the second part of the video, ‘Britain First’ activists were shown to be drinking beer and smoking outside the front door of the East London Mosque during Friday prayers, hoping to ‘bait’ Muslim Patrol members.

The footage concluded with them unfurling a banner reading ‘We are the British Resistance,’ next to a photo of murdered British solder Lee Rigby.

Golding, who is on police bail for allegedly harassing hate preacher Anjem Choudary, insisted he represented the “silent majority.”

According to The Evening Standard, he stated: “If there was no Muslim Patrol there would be no Christian Patrol. We are patriotic, we are British and we are upholding the law. We are not a racist organisation.”


The Christian patrol hand out leaflets on Brick Lane, East London.

The activists deny that they are a racist organisation. [Youtube:ArchantLondon]

Matthew Collins, of racism and anti-extremism organisation Hope Not Hate, told The Evening Standard: “It is just one set of extremists trying to antagonise another set of extremists. But in fact they harass normal people.”

A statement was released on the ‘Britain First’ website, asserting that their ‘campaign’ will continue. Their actions have been widely condemned and the group has been reported to the police, who have held an emergency meeting with community leaders and council officials about the issue.

Dilowar Khan, executive director of the London Muslim Centre, told the Evening Standard: “Efforts to intimidate and marginalise our community have been relentless. However, we take comfort in the support given by our partners in the community. We will not let those who espouse hatred damage our wonderful community relations.”


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