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New York snatches fashion crown from London

New York beat Paris to the top spot by only 0.05 per cent. [Flickr: YannGarrphoto]

Local fashionistas were recently left outraged when London lost its fashion crown to New York as the US city reclaimed the title of Top Global Fashion Capital.

As the eagerly-anticipated London Fashion Week approaches, the city has taken a critical hit after it was placed in third position in Fashion Capital category of the latest Global Language Monitor survey.

According to the survey New York is now the reigning fashion capital of the world. Paris, which was crowned the Top Global Fashion Capital for haute couture, finished in second place.

New York and Paris were separated by only 0.05 per cent, the closest result in the 10-year history of the Global Language Monitor’s survey.

London won the acclaimed title in 2011 and 2012, gaining infamously chic fans from across the Atlantic such as Rihanna and Madonna, who said they had fallen in love with Britain’s capital.

Young fashionistas like Camilla Ley, a fashion intern at Zoe Jordan and Fashion Marketing and Textiles student at London Metropolitan University, have expressed their anger at the result: “London is full of originality. New York and Paris don’t have anything on London’s unique attitude to fashion.

“We are a city daring to wear whatever we please, starting trends that then transcend across the world. These results are just not accurate.”

The rest of the top ten featured Sydney, Barcelona, Berlin, Shanghai, and Antwerp. Milan was placed in 12th position, while Sydney had a victorious return, beating rival and notoriously hip Melbourne to the top ten.

shop window of an alberta ferretti store

Italians were left disappointed, with Milan finishing in 12th position. [Hassan Nezamian]

Bekka Payack, a New York-based fashion director for the Global Language Monitor, said: “New York City has, indeed, earned its Top Global Fashion Capital ranking through its disciplined, methodical yet creative approach to its fashion industry.”

Upon hearing the news, disagreeing Londoners took to the web and vented their comments and opinions. One critic, under the name Nicho, wrote: “Practically every fashion trend in clothes and hairstyles in the last 50 years has originated in London.

“NYC is no doubt a wonderfully vibrant creative city but as a fashion leader – really? Maybe if you’re into power dressing or sportswear, but as far as high fashion or more importantly street style, it plays it safe.”



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