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Book Club: Running like a girl by Alexandra Heminsley

Front cover of Amexandra Heminsley's Running Like a Girl

[Hutchinson Books]

In this book Alexandra Heminsley talks about the aches and pains as she goes from being an ordinary woman to competing in 3 marathons in a unique and witty manner that will amuse the reader.

This is not your average sport fanatic’s book, it’s doesn’t have over-indulgent passages of enjoyment of excessive training regimes or highly competitive events.

This is rather an account from someone who struggles with the sport of running and turns to it out of desperation from boredom of the modern day conditioning routines like yoga and general gym sessions.

After an initial bad experience, one being when Heminsley runs a marathon whilst crying her eyes out, she does well to overcome this (and you are taking on this emotional rollercoaster throughout the book) but six years later she has five marathons in two continents dashed off her running tally.

At some points during the book it touches on some very low points; when she goes into a little too much detail about how running nearly made her lose all her pride as a young lady when she almost had a Paula Radcliffe moment. And finally how she comes full circle with the entire experience; after completing a marathon, she begins to neglect her fitness similar to before.

Unlike many other books of this nature it could be seen that Heminsley is trying to help those women who want to run – to run. Offering a personal insight as opposed to a clinical approach of  ‘a results at all costs’ women’s health or fitness magazine. There is also a chapter on the historical struggle that women’s running suffered during the 1960s and ’70s.

Running like a girl by Alexandra Heminsley, published by Hutchinson Books. Recommended price £12.99.




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