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Published on February 7, 2014 | by bjstudent05


Why the tube strikes are good for Londoners

Tube strike

London Underground latest tube strikes have caused confusion, late arrivals and lots of angry tweets!

But today it was announced that talks between the unions have been arranged, which seems like a step in the right direction. The RMT and TSSA have said they will try to resolve the dispute, so that Londoner’s won’t have to endure more closures and walkouts next week. Things are also looking up as the Transport for London announced 91% of commuters used the Oyster card services successfully, and 75% of the lines were running – so things will be getting back to normal.

Train Tickets

But was the disruption really such a bad thing? Here are 5 positives:

1. People found a different route.

Having to get off at different stops or jump on a bus that’s going in ‘the right sort of direction’ meant travellers got to see more parts of the city, and possibly even work out a route that is better for them. On a visit to Waterloo, most people were avoiding the busses all together and walking into central London. Maybe this might be a change in routine all the time we just hadn’t considered?

2. It was a little health kick?

Many people were avoiding gridlock on the roads and swapping four wheels to two. Barclays said they saw the so-called ‘Boris Bike’ sales go up by 50% with almost 30,000 hires. 11, 000 were hired by 10am this morning. Campaigner’s #BikeTheStrike were leading the way when it came to guiding new cyclists around London’s roads for the first time.

3. Getting to know the people you commute with?

Londoners are famous for not talking to one another on the commute – but this may have changed things. Some of us just needed to share a moan together, or a cab, or maybe just got so close and personal in the squeeze that it would be rude not to have a chit chat or buy them a drink!Tube Strike

4. Theatre Tickets Up For Grabs!

One lucky chap who spoke to LCC and told us he managed to bag some of the hottest tickets in town. Because people were avoiding the city or not being able to get in altogether tickets were available and at a good rate.

5. They proved a little Lycra can go a long way.

There was another silly alternative to get around; The Morphsuits Company took matters into their own hands. Dressed top to toe in Lycra, in the colour of the tube they were emulating, these masked heroes took weary travellers from A to B on rickshaws, but I can’t see that being a permanent alternative!



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