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Published on February 7, 2014 | by bjstudent05


A Hump Day Treat For The Middle Of The Week

Happy Hump DayA coffee shop in Bank is giving customers a brand new way of getting the hump today. The Taylor Street Baristas have partnered up with a fundraiser to create a new coffee experience and raise money for charity.

Taylor Strreet BaristasTo add to their list of skimmed, soya and goat’s milk, the baristas are now serving camel milk lattes!

The milk comes from the United Arab Emirates, and is flown over. The company Camelicious says it’s rich in fatty acids, half the fat of cow’s milk and three times the amount of vitamin C.

So sounds good? Not all customers were convinced, taking ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ approach. But I popped in with an open mind and ordered my first ‘camellatte,’ and I was pleasantly surprised! Have a listen to the audio to hear my verdict.A Cammellatte

Rich Ford is a journalist for Grocer Magazine, he’s the brains behind this venture. Having worked with the Baristas before, he approached them to do this as part of his fundraising campaign for Farm Africa. He will be running the Brighton marathon and was building up support.

LCC spoke to Gila from Farm Africa, and she said it was one of the weirder fundraising ideas they had come across, but they fully supported the idea.

This is the first time that camel milk has been served like this in the UK, as it has only just gone through EU approval. But, now that it has the thumbs up, we may see more of these ‘camelicious’ products on the menu.


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