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East London Restaurant Puts Horsemeat On The Menu

B is for Burger – Psychic Burger

We all remember the horsemeat scandal in the supermarkets, and people’s horrified reactions to being told they’ve probably eaten it at some point without knowing. But a restaurant in Dalston is truly testing whether people’s disgust was down to being lied to, or the meat itself.

Will Dennard is the Head Chef at Psychic Burger, and told me about his passion for discovering flavours and trying new things. He said, “I first had horsemeat when I was about thirteen in France on holiday. I didn’t understand what was on the menu, and my dad told me it meant horse. I thought, why not? It was delicious.”

“Horse is a very lean meat – there’s not much fat on it at all. It’s full of protein, fibrous, low in fat and is very good for you.”

Whether members of the public share this view is another story – but you may be surprised to hear that quite a few people are up for trying it. Even a couple of veggies I ran into said, “At the end of the day, there shouldn’t be any difference between horse and cow meat – they’re both animals.” Although there were a few sceptics, a lot of people said they’d be willing to try it as long as it was advertised correctly.

But one person who was against the idea was Dalston resident, Verity. She said, “As a vegetarian, I have quite a few issues with meat anyway, but horses especially. I used to go riding a lot when I was younger, and I feel like horses have personalities. It’s disgusting.”

British culture doesn’t see us eating much in the way of ‘different’ meat – what we class as different is perfectly normal to other countries. But if Will can convince people to start eating horse, it could be the beginning of a culture change in British food.

Fancy saddling up to try it? Check out Psychic Burger’s website here.

Have a listen to LCC’s radio piece on the story below.

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