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Published on February 6, 2014 | by Taryn Nixon


Nightlife review: End of the World Party


Scala's sign in lights

‘The End of the World Party’ takes place every other month at Scala. [Flickr: Ian Muttoo]

While the predicted apocalypse in 2012 never occurred, you can still party like there’s no tomorrow. Hosted every two months at Scala, near King’s Cross, the End of the World Party’s theme is about “living tonight as if it’s your last night ever.”

Upon arrival you enter the Last Wish room – if you want to get something off your chest or make any last requests, this is the place to do it. One person’s dying wish is ‘to meet Queen Latifah’ while another would rather meet Jason Donovan, but most party people here just want to be happy and in peace before they leave this earth. Except for that one person who wished that they could eat everything in the world; luckily there were delicious cupcakes handed out during the night.

Upstairs, you can get your very last face painting, or find your date for the afterlife in the dating booth next door. Failing that, why not get an Armageddon-themed manicure?

Chic and unique

The dress code is fabulous, chic and unique as you’re encouraged to wear what you’ve always wanted to wear. Really, it’s ok to turn up in that safari costume you’ve hidden in the back of the wardrobe for decades, or your pink onesie for instance. Perhaps you might want to bring out that all time favourite Hello Kitty T-shirt  you wore as a kid; the world is ending and it is your last chance to be fabulous, daring and, above all, exactly who you want to be.

The VIP area was packed to its capacity, but the real fun is on the dance floor in the main area. Ladies hold up signposts with slogans such as ‘live out your dreams.’ and ‘after party in the afterlife’ while professional dancers take to the stage to entertain the crowd. On a big screen there is a countdown timer telling you how much time there is left to party before world destruction. The DJ’s playlist consists of ‘dying wish’ song requests, combined with a mixture of different music genres, making the atmosphere all the more electric.

Out with a bang

The stage show finale is not one to miss, with an impressive showering of confetti over the crowd. As expected, this party definitely goes out with a bang.

Overall, this is an awesome night out and it’s refreshing to go to something so unique in a club atmosphere. This is definitely one not to miss.

But beware – while the apocalypse might not be real, your hangover certainly will be.

Tickets are from £3 in advance and £20 on the door. For more information on future events, visit the website.


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