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Published on February 11, 2014 | by Juliet Atto


Last chance to visit: Ennead


Posters to advertise the Ennead exhibit.

The exhibition consists of work from Chelsea College of Arts students [Bethe Dabbs]

Ennead is ancient Greek for ‘a collection of nine things,’ which is what East Street Arts latest exhibition gives you: art installations from nine different artists.

The artists – Keshav Anand, Simone Barnes, Kelly Bishop, Hannah Le Feuvre, Saskia Little, Sue Park, Jo Penso, Joey Phinn and Polly Robinson – are all second year fine art students at Chelsea College of Arts.

They have all explored various themes and concepts to create modern art in many different forms.

The works range from Robinson’s single bed, which plays everyday intrusive thoughts from underneath the pillow, to Penso’s jam jars that works as a colour filter that manipulates natural light and changes depending on the weather.

Barnes, who volunteers for East Street Arts, set the exhibition up herself as a way for her and her fellow students to get some experience in their prospective careers.

Creative process

With the help of East Street Arts, a charity based in Leeds, they have been able to use a space based in Warren Street to showcase their work.

Most of the work was a bit peculiar to me, but I found that in speaking to some of the artists I got an interesting look into their thought and creative process, which helped me to understand some of the work better and see it from the perspective of the creators.

The age-old argument of What is Art? is collectively challenged by all the artists within this exhibition.

I’m not much of an arty-farty person myself and I found parts difficult to understand, however this exhibition definitely got me thinking.

It would be well worth a visit so you can make up your own mind.

Ennead closes on February 14. More information on the exhibition can be found here.


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