Published on February 7, 2014 | by Henrique Cabral


Shareconomy is expected to grow 25% in 2014

Sharing is growing. According to Forbes magazine, 2.1 billion pounds will go directly to sharers pockets globally this year.

This means more and more people are sharing their things. For example, why pay a fortune to stay in a hotel  if you can sleep in someone’s spare room and pay less? Why leave your dogs in a kennel whilst travelling if you can leave them with someone willing to take care? Why drive all by yourself if you can have someone to share the gas and a good chat?

And this is just the premise of carpooling website BlablaCar. There you can find someone to share gas and travel around. And, after, you can rate them by how chatty they are. According to BlablaCar’s Chief Executive, Frédéric Mazella, initiatives like that are important. He says “I think is one future for transport. It’s complimentary to the other solutions. It’s not the only future [for transport], but is one that is more sustainable for sure”.

But the shareconomy is growing as a whole. The objective here is sharing all kinds of resources. “It’s a good way to not pollute to much and to make sure that we are doing things in a clever manner. So sharing resources like car or houses is a very clever way to both saving money and the planet”, says Mr. Mazella.

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