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Published on February 7, 2014 | by Lydia Batham


Shops shutting their doors

Shops across London are being encouraged to ‘close the door’ to keep energy prices down and stop air pollution. Jeannie Dawkins says  extended exposure can lead to long term health issues for staff.

Shop Assistant Kathryn works in a store with an open door policy and told us “it’s freezing. We sometimes have layers challenges, and see how many coats we can put on. The ‘world record’ is every size.”

“it’s freezing”

Kathryn – Open Door shop worker

But her manager Tom, tried closing the door last winter, and found that their footfall dropped by around 40 people a day, “people just don’t open the door when it’s closed.” That then impacts the money they make. While he agreed that closing the door would be better for the environment, and lower energy costs, he’s not convinced they’d make as enough money to notice the difference.

But Jeannie said that if customers want an item, they’ll do anything they can to buy it. She’d rather stores looked at the health impact that emmisions for diesel cars can have on their staff.


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