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UAL gears up for tube strike

Empty DLR station

The 48 hour strike is set to affect both staff and students at UAL [TfL]

Students and staff across UAL have been preparing for the 48-hour tube strike on the London Underground this week, which is the result of protests against the closure of all ticket offices.

Transport unions representing London Underground staff will start the first of two large-scale strikes on Tuesday, February 4 at 9.30pm. Usual tube services are expected to resume on Friday morning (February 7).

Maram Alsubaie, a first year BA Architecture student at CSM, will have to switch to buses during the strike: “I live in Pimlico, so with buses it will take me about two hours to get to college. Even with minor delays, during normal rush hour everything gets hectic.”

“I understand why they strike, but it’s still annoying,” she said.

RMT and TSSA unions oppose Mayor Boris Johnson’s plans to shut all of the London Underground ticket offices from 2015. These are part of the Future Tube scheme which will also include introducing 24-hour services on weekends.

Jobs at risk

Transport for London (TfL) has said it is “intended that there should be a job for everyone who wants to stay and is willing to be flexible and embrace change.” However, Transport Union TSSA’s general secretary Manuel Cortes spoke about 953 jobs being at risk.

Paul, a staffer at King’s Cross St. Pancras station, London’s biggest transport hub and located opposite CSM, said: “I’m striking out of principle. They’ll start with removing ticket offices, but if we don’t nip these [plans] in the bud early, bigger changes will be inevitable.”

Commuters leaving Green Park station

Many Londoners will be forced to switch to buses, in order to reach their destination [TfL]

His colleague Charlie added: “This is about real jobs. If they cut yours and replace you with a [ticket] machine, then who is going to feed your family?”

Volunteers and TfL representatives will take over in limited capacity to balance out some disruption, and 100 extra buses will be put in place. DLR and Overground trains will be running as usual.

Central and Piccadilly lines will not run through Central London, and Northern and District line trains will cover limited stops only. Londoners are advised to walk and cycle where possible.


For a provisional list of services, click here.

UAL has advised staff and students to check the university’s Severe Weather and Disruptions to Public Transport Policy for further guidance.

If an agreement is not reached between transport bosses and unions, the second 48-hour strike will take place from February 11-13.

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