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LCF develop virtual fitting room for online shoppers

a still from the fits me website

The computer will recognise the body shape by the measurements the shopper has previously given. []

London College of Fashion is developing virtual fitting room software for major online retailers.

Shoppers will soon be able to use their smartphones, cameras or webcams to photograph themselves and upload their image straight to the site.

The software will then require certain data like their height, weight, age and gender, alongside the placement of hands and feet by the user.

The data is then sent to the server and the computer does the rest; it recognises the body shape of the shopper by the measurements obtained, so they can browse freely, comparing different styles to their particular body shape.

Dessa Simpson, a BA Magazine Publishing student, is a loyal customer to numerous online retailers and is skeptical about the technology, stating: “If you are unsure about a size, you can just compare it to the model and what size they are wearing or the sizing charts on the websites.”


However, she did recognise that the software could attract more sales: “If I could actually see what it will look like on me, in a realistic way, and it looked good, I would definitely want to buy it more.”

However, online retailers normally find it particularly hard to gain the trust of most shoppers; many have had bad experiences in the past and end up returning the clothes they bought.

Heikki Haldre, chief executive and founder of London-based, told BBC News: “Almost one in four garments are being returned. 70 per cent of those returns are because the customers got the wrong size.” have already developed a virtual fitting room software, in which customers do not upload images of themselves,  that works together with over 30 retailers, including Hugo Boss and Superdry.

With the technology from both LCF and, they aim to remove the sense of risk that surrounds online shopping, which could potentially be beneficial for the economic growth of the fashion industry.


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