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Ladies Tackling Rugby

The Six Nations kicks off this weekend, and the England team’s are heading to Paris in a bid to beat France. That includes the womens team, who for the first time in 7 seasons will be hoping to regain the title, rather than defend it.

The women’s game is becoming more and more popular – it’s estimated there are around 100 clubs in the country. Hammersmith and Fulham have over 40 players in 2 teams both playing in leagues. Captain Helen Clewer told us, ‘every week we get someone  new coming down’.

every week we get someone  new coming down.

Helen Clewer, Captain

Mark’s their backs coach, and says “technically women are more correct than a lot of guys sports. As a coach that’s what you’re striving for. You’re aiming for the perfect tackle, the perfect body position”.

For their forwards coach, Scott, he wants to see more people come and watch the games. He told us  he had ‘a preconception of what women’s rugby would be like…but I was quickly proved wrong.’

Emily Maisie joined the club just last year, and is proud holder of the clubs ‘spirit level’. She loves playing, saying it’s an affordable team sport which she likes to channel her aggrression into. So much so, that during her first ever game she accidently put someone in an ambulance.

But that’s what players can’t be afraid off, its a full contact game played in the cold, wet and mud – but always followed by a great social aspect.

You can follow the progress of all the England teams and find a club near you at or Scrum Queens for more on ladies rugby.


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