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Published on February 3, 2014 | by Eleanor Cunningham


Is It Time To Stub Out Shisha Pens?

Shisha pens are small portable smoking devices that work on water vapour. They were originally created to aid people to stop smoking. They feel and look like the act itself, but with one big difference, they have no nicotine.

Flavoured shisha liquid


Because these devices don’t contain any of the addictive drug, they are made available to everybody, including children. Schoolchildren as young as 11 years old are smuggling these shisha pens into school. As they are small and brightly coloured, they fit and look like just another item in a pencil case.

Shisha 'smoke juice'

Shisha ‘smoke juice’

This activity has been spotted in Southwark.  LCC asked on teacher in the borough if she was aware of this activity. She said that it hadn’t crossed her mind, and to her knowledge it doesn’t happen, but if it did, she wouldn’t stand for it.  Does that mean the camouflage is working?

“If a child was found with one of these things in my class, it would mean an immediate exclusion.” – Southwark teacher.

The new playground fad was revealed by officers leading a crackdown on black-market shisha. These pens have already been banned in schools around the country, see here.

Critics say that Shisha pens are made more attractive to children because thay are flavoured. Kia Majidi works for E Shisha who creates and sells this product. This company boasts over 80 flavours Peach Flavor Shisha Penranging from the usual cola, strawberry and mint, to the more ‘out there’ flavours like Red Bull and peanut butter. He says that the reason they offer such a wide range is to make quitting smoking fun, not to entice younger people. E Shisha have gone as far to restricting all their products to over 18’s, which may be bad for business, but they say it’s morally right.

Restrictions on electric cigarettes have been in the news recently as the government is now stepping in. New legislation has been announced banning the sale of e-cigarettes to under 18’s which should come into force later this week, but these nicotine free pens are still a grey area.

Hear the audio piece aired on the 29th on January here.

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