Published on January 29, 2014 | by Lucy Mercer


Super Bowl Sunday: Should More Women Be Involved?

The Super Bowl is one of the most widely watched live coverage in the UK, and on Sunday people are going to be flocking to their nearest sports bar to get a piece of the action. But while all this is happening, we’ve been thinking about how it’s still a male-dominated sport. So while lots of men are clasping a beer in hand and watching padded-out guys throw themselves into each other, what are women doing?

I went to a Leicester Square sports bar and asked some girls whether they’d be watching the game. All said no, and reasons went from being “uninterested” to “knowing nothing about it”. I also asked if, it were women players on screen instead, they’d probably be more inclined to watch it. But one girl said, “I’d prefer to watch boys play rather than girls…otherwise I wouldn’t take it seriously”.

This perception of women American Football players may be quite widely shared, but coach Gerry Anderson of the American Football team London Warriors, told me about a ladies branch of their team which is a work in progress. He said, “There’s an importance of trying not to limit the sport…if you have an opportunity to feed the interest, you have an opportunity to grow the interest.” After asking him why he’d made the decision to start a girls team, he replied, “We’re just trying to create opportunities for anyone who wants to get involved…At the end of the day, it’s sport – and everyone should be able to play sport.”

So while the number of women players is small, if people take the example of the London Warriors, we could see girls on the pitch soon enough.

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