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Published on February 3, 2014 | by Archie Velarde


Move to Ban Smoking in Cars with Kids

Plans to ban people smoking in cars carrying children will be voted on in the House of Lords today.

Labour has suggested an amendment to the Children’s and Families Bill that would make it an illegal for a driver to fail to stop smoking in a vehicle with  a child is on board.

Under the proposals, anyone caught would be fined £60 or have to attend a ‘smoke-free’ awareness course.

Research has shown that the fumes passengers breathe in are up to 11 times more concentrated than those in a pub full of smoke. Labour introduced the smoking ban in pubs in 2007.

Civil liberty groups are not happy and are claiming personal space is being compromised, but Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham has said that these people are missing the point and that it is much more harmful that it people think. ( Shadow Health Sec )

Alison Hooper – manager of the ‘Lewisham Stop Smoking Services’ – is on board with the proposals saying its a brilliant idea.

“Its a really good idea. You have children trapped in cars with smoke, and the smoke is very concentrated, so the damage is greater” – Alison Hooper

A ban is already in place in parts of the world including some states in America, Australia, Canada and a few countries in Europe.

According to supporters of the ban there is a vast amount of public support towards the proposal.

A survey from YouGov  in 2011 found 78% of adults in the United Kingdom agree that smoking should be banned in cars carrying under 18’s, while 44% agreed that smoking should be banned in all cars.


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