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Jennifer Aniston inspires protest at CSM

Students hold a protest at CSM with Jennifer Aniston quotes written on their banners

Castle hopes his efforts will improve student participation at other demonstrations [Adam Castle]

Jennifer Aniston’s character from the 2006 movie The Break Up has inspired a CSM student to hold a tongue-in-cheek protest.

The demonstration, which took place around the King’s Cross campus, involved students marching while holding up banners featuring quotes from the movie such as “I really do not deserve this” and “fine great, do whatever the hell you want.”

The event was put together by CSM Foundation student Adam Castle, who told Arts London News that he organised the rally because he wanted to explore how “language can completely change meaning when it is isolated, enlarged and put on a protest banner.”

“I feel that these quotes are the kind of thing that we end up replicating to some extent in the way we speak and act in our own relationships. When put on a banner, they change meaning entirely,” he said.

Castle told Arts London News that while he has never organised a demonstration before, he has been involved in “quite a few protests in the past.”

“Myself and two others took the Metropolitan Police to court in 2011, arguing that they had no right to kettle us at a recent student demonstration,” he said.

Activism Week

The Jennifer Aniston protest took place during UAL’s Activism Week (January 20-29), which has seen students take part in various campaigns and demonstrations across UAL campuses.

Castle hopes that his efforts will help improve student participation at other demonstrations; referring to the recent staff strike, he said: “I was disappointed that I was one of only four students to join our staff on a recent picket line at CSM.”

“Somehow, I’d managed to get a bigger group together to shout Jennifer Aniston quotes. Many of the people involved had never been on a protest before. I hope that as well as having had fun they will consider joining more protests in the future,” he added.





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