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London’s Love Of Stuffing


Hat's off to taxidermy!

Hats off to London taxidermy!

It seems taxidermy might be the new thing to do in London as classes are booked up months in advance. New Anthropomorphic classes mean that beginners can learn to stuff, style and dress a mouse in under 4 hours. But isn’t it a little creepy?

LCC spoke to Jennifer Custer who is going on the course, and is really excited. She says that it isn’t that unusual anymore, and it’s become a trendy thing to do. With the nation’s fascination with vintage clothes and antiques, you don’t have to go far to see a head mounted on the wall of your local trendy pub.

Margot Magpie's oddest creation

Margot Magpie’s oddest creation, A mouse dressed as a nun, with a chainsaw

Margot Magpie is London’s Lady behind the stuffing and teaches classes on how to do it. She told LCC that there is a real art in taxidermy, but it can also be very fun too!

70% of the people in her classes are women, which may come as shock to some, as it seems like a gruesome activity. She has some theories why it has a female appeal. Read ‘It’s A Girl Thing’ here.

Stuffing with the girls is one thing – but what if it was on a date? Fiona Bateman from the Dating website Doing Something suggests cool date ideas, and ways to meet up.   She suggested taxidermy classes as a good way to break the ice, and overnight almost 40 members booked places.


So it seems Londoners aren’t too scared to stuff! Maybe they could follow the theme on date two at Les Trois Garçons.

You wouldn’t be lonely in this Shoreditch restaurant, where the entire place is decked out with weird and wonderful stuffed creatures. It may not be the best place to take a veggie for dinner- but it does show Londoners aren’t squeamish when it comes to combining dates with death.

Hear the audio piece here: London’s Love Of Stuffing




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