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Rugby team out for ‘justice’ against UWL

Bloomfield running with the ball

Bloomfield insists his team want “justice” not revenge this Wednesday.  (Adam Bloomfield)

University of the Arts London Rugby captain Adam Bloomfield says his team are seeking ‘justice’ this week when they play the University of West London at Burgess Park.

In the first fixture between the two sides in November UAL beat UWL 32 – 7, only to have the result called a draw after UWL made a U-turn and threatened to appeal because of a rule infringement.

The dispute arose after UAL failed to provide a trained front row substitute (needed because an untrained front row could cause neck injuries in the scrum) after one of the team was injured.

The two sides decided an appeal would not be lodged after agreeing that the result would be called a draw.

Bloomfield says the chance to settle the score is providing extra motivation to his side: “Revenge is not the right word to use, justice I feel is more appropriate without trying to overhype it. We felt we were wronged last time around, and we felt that the team that scored the points in the 80 minutes should have been awarded the win and we want to right that wrong.”


He continued to say “The annoyance is not fresh in our minds now but it’s in the back of our minds I’d say, having scored more points that the 15 men in front of us – in what was a comprehensive win it has to be said – it wasn’t a close game.

The mini-rivalry that has surfaced after the dispute can be won on Wednesday according to Bloomfield: “We put five or six tries past them the last time we played so it definitely feels like the score needs to be settled and this game will define this rivalry this year and whoever wins and puts in the better performance will be seen as the better team.”

“We felt we were wronged last time around, and […] we want to right that wrong.” Adam Bloomfield

Top of the table UAL come into the game on the back of a disappointing 29-23 loss last week at Buckinghamshire New University, their first loss of the season in what was a “wake up call,” and this will have an effect in Wednesday’s fixture.

“Psychologically they probably have a good start after seeing our result from last week, and seeing our results over the season – we started off with huge wins and they’ve gradually been getting smaller, so maybe not confident but they are probably thinking that they have got a decent chance,” said Bloomfield.

“It’s going to be a close game, it’s going to be a hard fought game because I think both teams have something to prove and because we are still top of the table despite our disappointing performance last week everyone wants to take points from us, especially the one or two teams that are sitting at the top of the table like West London and Buckingham, these teams want to take points off us because they want to get promotion.”


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