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Published on February 12, 2014 | by Emma Saunders


Drug Gang Supplies Primary School Children With Cannabis

A south London gang running a secret cannabis factory say they are peddling the class B drug to children as young as 11.

Sky News gained exclusive access to the firm who claim they make over a million pounds a year.

The gang are calling for the legalisation of the substance; alleging it could boost the economy and provide thousands of jobs. Its ringleader says British trade of the substance is the “biggest its ever been” and that there is “excellent money in it.”

The claims that the gang’s clientele includes such young children has raised alarm bells with drug educating organisations. Paul Copyard, charity worker at Hope UK‘s London office told LCC news,  “It’s bad enough as it is at the moment, if cannabis starts venturing down into younger years and becoming more common, where childrens brains are really developing, then there will be real problems.”

The police are also worried about effects of this gang boasting about their excessive profits.  Met Police Commander Steve Rodhouse in charge of division for gangs and organised crimes is concerned this exposure might glamourise the gangs. “We need to be clear – these people are criminals. We know this trade fuels crime violence and anti social behaviour. This is a real problem on our streets.”

Although, Peter Reynolds, leader of cannabis law reform party CLEAR, believes it would be for the better if the drug was legalised. He says if the drug was taken out of the hands of ‘criminals’ who currently control the market, associated anti social behaviour would decline. Moreover, he claims the cannabis market – worth an estimated £6 billion annually – wouldn’t be finding its way into the hands of young children if the government were to intervene.

The Met Police have said they arent impressed with the gang’s boasts; warning they will continue to work toward bringing to justice the criminals involved in trading the drug.

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