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Outrage as Oxford university emails ‘bad student’ list

Oxford University's science library

Oxford students have received an apology for the error [Flickr: Marc Smith]

Oxford University students were left outraged after a list exposing the institution’s worst performing students was recently published.

Academic administrator at University College Oxford (Univ), Kristiana Dahl accidentally sent an email with the names of almost 50 students who achieved grades 2:2 or below during the pre-christmas exams to hundreds of students at the college.

The e-mail showed the students’ names, their percentage mark and course titles too.

The college apologised in a further email, and asked students to delete the original message, as it contained inaccurate information and was not sent intentionally.

Abigail Reeves, head of Univ’s junior common room (JCR), told The Telegraph: “The member of staff responsible is apparently mortified. The senior tutor has also told me that action will be taken with the Academic office to ensure that an incident like this never occurs again.”

Alessa Dupont, a first year BA Fashion Management student at London College of Fashion, said: “It would be very frustrating and a huge insecurity at the same time to be displayed as one of the worst students in front of other course-mates. I cannot imagine what I would feel if I was in their shoes.”

Layza Akdilek, a third year BA Magazine Publishing student at London College of Communication, said: “I am not too sure if an apology would change anything or disembarrass the students who suffered this humiliation, however in my opinion the damage is bigger than what is thought to be.”


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