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Students showcase fine art in Southwark

Art piece by Camberwell student Joanna Palma

Joanna Palma was one student who showed her work at the Dilston Grove Gallery. [Mary Sommer]

Fine Arts students from Camberwell College showcased their work to over 2,000 visitors at an exhibition in Southwark on January 18-20.

The exhibition, called ‘UNIT,’ was held at The Café Gallery and Dilston Grove Gallery, two independent artist-led gallery spaces in Southwark Park.

Neil Drabble, the curator of ‘UNIT,’ defined it as “one of the first opportunities for the students to showcase their works to the public and not just in an academic environment.”

He added: “One of the most striking things about the exhibition is the fact that you would not be able to understand which course the student is studying by looking at what they are showing; and this is the essence of the dynamic show that I wanted the students to set up.”

Piece of art by Camberwell student Jessica Van Den Drift

Jessica Van Den Drift used her kayaking trip in Plymouth, as inspiration for her work. [Mary Sommer]

‘UNIT’ features the work of up to 150 undergraduates in mediums that include drawing, painting, photography and sculpture.


Jessica Van Den Drift, a drawing student, told Arts London News that she found inspiration as she was kayaking around Plymouth with a friend.

“We got shipwrecked and we had to be rescued by the lifeguard. So I linked our over-ambition with the myth of Icarus and his flight towards the sun by designing and painting a boat which would have brought us safely to the island,” she said.

The exhibition sheds light on a mix of artistic work based on traditional skills and encouraged the students to gain knowledge in various industrial fabrication equipments, photography, printmaking, and 3D resource centres.

Drabble explained: “The students, through the exhibition, can learn all the hands-on skills, which they do not necessarily learn as part of their course, and are fundamental for every artist,”

”We shouldn’t stop the students being creative. And I believe that students who branch out in other fields are still connected with what they are doing on their course,” said Drabble.



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